Packing for an international flight can be a hectic affair. Knowing what and how much to pack can make all the difference in starting a trip off on the right foot. On the other hand, poor packing can put a damper on even the most seasoned traveler’s mood. Fortunately, there are some handy tips to make the ordeal hassle free.


Travel Documents

When flying to another country, there are a few must-have documents. All individuals preparing to fly abroad should carry their passports, national IDs, such as a drivers license, itineraries and boarding passes. These documents should remain in a secure, easy to reach location at all times. All these documents will need to be shown once the airport is reached, and won’t do much good buried at the bottom of a suitcase.

Once the final destination is reached, store all important documents in a safe location, like a hotel safe. It is important to remember to keep some form of identification on hand at all times.


For added safety, make multiple copies of documents. Give at least one set of these copies to a close friend or family member. If something happens, they can easily provide these copies by post or fax. Keep another set of copies on hand.


What to Pack in a Carry On Bag

Packing a carry on bag is easy, but it is crucial not to pack any prohibited items. The TSA rules dictate that no liquids stored in containers larger than 3 ounces can be taken through security. Any liquids, gels or toiletry items must be kept in a sealed, quart-sized, clear plastic bag with a zip top. When going through security, it will be necessary to place this bag through the x-ray machine. You will also be required to stop playing your Mobile Legends game and place your mobile phone in a separate container when your carry on bag is being passed through the x-ray machine. Weapons and other dangerous items are also not allowed.


One of the most important things to pack in a carry on bag is a spare change of clothes. This way, if ones checked luggage becomes lost, a clean set of clothes is always available. It may also be a good idea to pack some extra plastic bags in the event of leaking bottles.


Checked Bags

The key to packing a checked bag is to under pack as much as possible. Overpacking not only means the bag will weigh more than airlines allow, it also leaves no space for souvenir items. The most efficient way of packing a bag is to roll clothing instead of folding it. This will allow more space in the bag for new items, and actually prevents creases in clothing.


If not having enough clothes to wear on a long trip is a concern, try packing some laundry detergent. This allows a traveler to pack far less clothing than usual. Also, be sure that the last things packed are the first things needed upon arrival. No one wants to dig through a neatly packed suitcase trying to find one particular item when it could simply be at the top initially.