Are you thinking of where to spend your Christmas holiday this year? You can still have ample time to consider traveling to the tropics and enjoy a summer experience in countries where snow won’t dampen your spirits.

What are the things that you can do in tropical countries this December? Here are 5 top fun activities that will surely give you extreme satisfaction.

Spend the whole day outdoors

With the sun up and the clouds giving you shade, you can laze in the grass and watch birds and insects play around. With a book on your lap, you can inhale the fresh cool air of the wide open spaces. You can even spend the whole day getting your most coveted tan. Or, you can play volleyball with your peers and loved ones.


Get as much as the sea as you want

The sea is one of nature’s alluring spots. Simply by watching the waves, your nerves are awakened and your feelings invigorated. Letting the sea touch your skin make you one with nature. The long holiday season will allow you to learn new swimming styles and even do some surfing, gliding with the huge waves. Jetskiing is another option that will relieve your lazy muscles and give them a boost again.

Enjoy the sun and nature to the max


You can bring along your lenses and explore nature under the brightness of the sun’s rays. You can go trekking and exploring mountains and caves. Still, you can capture every single moment and sight through photos and videos which you can watch again and be reminded of how lovely life has been.

Have barbecue parties every night

Who do not want outdoor parties and dances? Every night in the tropics can be spent gathering around a bonfire sharing barbecue and dancing along your favorite songs? Such bonding with friends or family would be great moments to unwind and forget about your woes.

Spend camping with your pals

Finally, we can rarely do camping with friends after each of us have found regular jobs and established our own families. Vacationing together with your friends in tropical countries will rekindle your friendships and fond memories. Just tag along with some camping gears and you will have all of nature’s favors.